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Friday, March 29, 2013

Wednesday... Er... Friday Weigh In

I haven't posted in 16 days. I found out I was pregnant. Not long after I found out though, my pregnancy hormone began decreasing. Within a few days, I was getting negative pregnancy tests. With everything going on last week, I didn't even step so much as a toe onto the scale. Then there was the wait for my body to complete the process of the miscarriage.

I did weigh on Wednesday this week, as promised but waited to know for certain that I am in fact experiencing a miscarriage before mentioning the pregnancy.

Idea of the Week-
Take it one step at a time and focus on what you are doing in that moment. Don't think about how much needs to be done between now and your end goal, it can be overwhelming. Don't worry about the missteps you already made because you can't remake them and it can be discouraging to focus on our mistakes. For example, if it's lunch time don't think about being on a diet for the next 3 years. Don't even focus on how this is a life change and how you are making these new choices for the rest of your life. Focus on lunch. Find the foods that will fill your body with nutrients and fuel you, then enjoy them fully.

During that time I tried to make sure that I was eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I do find that food close to it's natural state (raw, lightly steamed or otherwise barely altered) as possible leaves me more deeply satiated without leaving me feeling heavy. I also have noticed that I feel much more full and nourished when I switch out conventionally grown green salad for a salad of organic baby greens. Thank goodness that we finally got a Costco membership. With the amount of fresh fruit, veggies and salad that we have been eating lately we could easily spend well over what we have budgeted for food.

As you may imagine my activity level has been less than ideal. I have taken C-man out in the stroller for walks a few times, but over all I have stayed home. Inside the home, I have been pretty sedentary. The one thing I have been working on is being conscious of my posture and my movements when I am out walking. I practice standing tall with my shoulders back, chin up, abs pulled in tight to pull my belly button in toward my back bone and then I squeeze my buttocks with each stride. During this next week I would like to complete 4 light resistance work outs and 4 walks with my son.

Weigh in-
This week on Wednesday my weight was 279.4. This is a one pound loss over the two weeks. Added to two the two pound loss from the previous 11 days, that is 3 pounds lost. While 3 pounds over nearly 4 weeks is a little slower than ideal, it is still progress so I'm going to call it a success.

Next week is going to be my monthly progress photo and my measurements. I'm hoping to make at least some noticeable progress by then. 

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