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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brown paper packages wrapped up with string!!!

Okay, so maybe it's a little less glamorous than all of that but I am expecting two packages to be delivered today. I'm so excited!!! They have all of the Melaleuca products I ordered for my demo kit and switching over my home! There is laudry brightener (think clorox 2) which may not seem like a big deal but I can't wait to see it work. There is also all sorts of cleaning stuff and new food stuff to try and an anti-aging product to try. (I know it is an odd additction to have at 26 but I LOVE anti-aging products and my mama says this stuff is AWESOME!) There is so much coming in and I just can't wait to open the boxes and look at EVERYTHING! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Okay... deep breath. Every time the dogs have barked or growled all day I have jumped and ran to the door. No postal guy has been there with my boxes yet.

So, it's back to business building I suppose. Though my day is actually winding down. I'm so excited about this stuff that I need to remember to relax when I talk about it. I get so excited that I talk fast and get over exuberant. I think it scares people a little, but I really think this is just that cool.

So, here some healthy idea's for your family for today:
To get moving:
-Take those beautiful doggies out in the world for a walk! It's spring and everyone does well with a little fresh air! It's beautiful in Bellingham today. No pets? No problem! There is so much to look at with all of the trees budding and early flower coming up that you are sure to enjoy it anyway.
To eat:
-Here is something new to try if you haven't yet, Polenta. It's amazing and a great alternative to pasta, especially in those wheat free households out there. Last night we made a HUGE batch. It was wonderful. One serving has 2 grams of fiber, 3 grams of protein, and 8% of your daily iron. You can buy it pre-made and just slice it and cook it that way. (This is what our family usually does.) The other day though I saw a good sized bag of dry polenta for only $2.50, so I decided to make it myself. It was easy to cook and it was so smooth it was almost creamy. They tell you to pour it into a bowl to set it, but I tried muffin tins. It worked out perfectly! It makes portion control easy and they look beautiful when turned.
-Serve it with your favorite pasta sauce on top and a little shredded parmesean for a fabulous simple dinner. I like to serve it with a chunky sauce, so I used jarred organic pasta sauce, then add two small cans of mushrooms (with the water they are packed in for flavor), a can of black olives sliced, turkey italian sausage, and of course (after all this is my family) lots of extra garlic.
To keep it Green:
-Donate old cell phones. There is mercury in electronics that is causing damage to our planet when we throw them out. If you hold on to them because you know not to throw them out they end up cluttering the back of sock drawers or closet shelves or kitchen counters for ages. You can donate cell phones to several different charities. There are some who provide old cell phones to soldiers as a means to communicate with families, this is awesome! There is another organization (the one I am going to talk more about today) that give cell phones to people who may need to contact 911 quickly. This could be domestic violence victims or others who need to be able to get ahold of 911 easily. You can keep your planet cleaner, you house un-cluttered, and your community safer. It sounds like a win-win-win to me! This organization is you can also call and schedule a pick up and the will come get the phone from you. The number for that is 866-290-7864.  
Hope one or more of these quick tips sparked your interest today!
(still no package and it's 5pm)

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