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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Welcome to the Wednesday Weigh In

Once a week I am going to weigh in on the things I have learned about bettering my (and my family's) health, how well I am adhering to any new changes, my activity level for the week, how it made me feel and lastly I will weigh in with actual pounds. Once a month I will be posting progression photos and my measurements.

Something that has been coming up in several of my circles, lately, is the discussion on fat shaming. I won't get into that issue here but after reading all sorts of articles from all sorts of perspectives, I decided it was time for me to lose the shame. I think that every person out there deserves to be happy with themselves, regardless of the shape of their body or the number on the scale.

Another thing I've started hearing about is the concept of "fed and fit" as a great way to maintain optimum health and weight loss. Our bodies need good foods to function properly. When in starvation mode, so much of our system shuts down or reduces to absolutely minimal functions. Also, lots of "foods" readily available to us are more aptly described as "food like products." So, we are keeping it real (did it grow from the earth or eat things that grew from the earth) and listening to our bodies to help us make better choices. 

My son is unable to eat gluten or dairy. As a nursing mother, that means that I can no longer eat gluten or dairy. I had to choose between weaning my son and significantly altering my diet. For our family, the answer was easy and we quickly implemented the dietary changes.

I started making changes 9 days ago and took my starting measurements then.

As of March 4th when I started-

My weight was 282.4

My measurements (in inches) were:
Bust: 51.75
Chest: 41.75
Waist: 44.25
Midway (read: Mama Pooch): 56.5
Hips: 50.5
Upper Thigh: 29.5
Above Knee: 24.5
Calf: 18.5
Upper Arm: 20
Forearm: 11.75

My dress size was a 22/24 and most of my clothes are xxl and my one pair of jeans is a 24 and snug across my mama belly.

As of this morning my weight was 280.4... so 2 pounds lost. At first that seems like a tiny number, but it falls in the 1-2 pound a week range that is recommended and even a tiny bit of progress is still progress.

Sorry about the stained shirt, it's just an old shirt that I have that is tight enough to fully show my body shape... so this is where I started, now lets just see where I can go and how strong and healthy I can get to feeling.

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