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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Power of the Positive!

Positive pregnancy test that is... I got a positive pregnancy test on Friday, which was April fools day of course. I had to wait to tell most people until yesterday because I didn't want anyone one to think it was an April fools joke. I'm really excited to finally be a mom and still a little unsure if I can trust this to "stick." I have a long history of early miscarriages. I know that most people who have suffered with the repeated loss of pregnancies choose not to share their pregnancy until after the first trimester when the risk of losing the baby drops dramatically. I am though, going to treat this like it is forever everyday that I have. I love feeling supported and loved by my friends and family. It means a lot to me also that if something were to happen this time or any time in the future, that my friends will know why I am sad. Again, I am hoping with all I'm worth that this ends in a beautiful baby on or at least near December 12th this year. So, I'm taking extra good care of myself with healthy snacks, plenty of fluids, lots of rest, a little light excercise, and of course the best prenatal vitamin available.

Now... on to being green. I am going to keep this brief today since I've already run on a bit about the exciting news in  my life and I'm quite sleepy after a day out in the frest air.
Today, the change that I made for my world today was to "go local." While I know that this isn't quite the same as "going green" it is important that we support our local communities and the small businesses that (hopefully) flourish there. When buying perishable food items this often means fresher and less preserved food. In my home one of us has a gluten intolerence so we tried Bellingham Flatbread, they make an amazing gluten free flat bread. I'm quite picky about my breads and this was just plain amazing! I'm glad my room mate found this yummy locally made snack.

For myself, I made an effort to get out in the direct sunlight while I was doing some light yard work. This did two good things for me. In the pacific northwest we suffer an amazing rate of vitamin D deficiency and one way to help with that is to get out and get a little sun on a daily basis. I also got some light excercise. On top of all that I got to help a friend with her yard a little and hopefully make her day a little brighter.

I would love to hear what some of you have done this week to be a little healthier or happier... please share with me!   :)

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