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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ugh... oh yeah... it's that day again... Here's goes Wednesday

Well, we all have good weeks and bad weeks. At least that is what I'm telling myself. My body, or maybe it's just my mind, can't seem to get back on track since my loss. Today, I'm up from last week AND the week before. Everything in me wants to scrap the idea of blogging about such a tender subject. I intend to follow this through to the end though, no matter what the journey feels like.

Ideas of the Week-  
     1.) Eliminating foods that irritate your digestive system, making you feel bloated and sluggish. A few weeks back I eliminated gluten and dairy, because of knowing how they effect my sons health. My skin cleared up. I felt lighter and more alert. I've eliminated those things before with the same result, so I wasn't all that surprised but it really does make a difference and my tummy flattens out a lot. The problem is, it's hard, really hard. For the first 3 days all I can think about is doughnuts and ice cream and crusty Italian bread with thick pats of butter. Mmmm... After those three days, I feel so much better. What foods you may need to eliminate for optimum health will vary from person to person.

     2.) Preparing food ahead. Let's face it, whole foods often need preparation to eat. As a mom of a very busy 15 month old, there are moments when I am already way to hungry by the time I have a chance to find something to eat. If I walk into the kitchen and I'm faced with a choice of whole bunches of celery that need to be washed and then plated with hummus or a box of rice crackers, I am more likely to grab the crackers and eat too many. And, half a box of crackers is the caloric equivalent to like umm... a dump truck full of celery? All kidding aside though, it is far easy to make healthy choices if the healthiest foods are just as easy to grab as the less healthy options. Each weekday morning, I prepare my partner a healthy lunch to take to work. I make sure it is balanced and has lots of yummy options to eat throughout the day. As of yet, I have not put together a similar lunch and snack kit for my son and I to pick at during our day. Next week it is my goal to do this for us as well.


     I really struggled with my eating this week. I ate too many tortillas, with either hummus or salsa. I didn't eat as many of the lovely veggies and fruits that we had on hand. I ate granola bars and cereals. I found myself eating the way some people drink alcohol this week. The ugly, sad, angry feelings would start to bubble up and before I even really made the connection in my head, I would have eaten a bunch of food. Sometimes healthy sometimes not. I hate saying this "out loud" but I am a compulsive eater. I've started reading Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth. I'm really hoping that it will help me let go of compulsive eating. 

     I only managed to get one regular strength training work out in and on one of my walks I carried a 40 pound pack and pushed about 50 pounds of stuff and kid in our jogging stroller. I am going to call that one strength training because it was really hard and left me with sore muscles (and probably a stress fracture in my foot). I did make it on four walks. So, over all I made 2 strength training work outs and 4 walks, compared to my goal of 4 and 4. For next week I am going to shoot for 4 strength training workouts again. I am pretty sure I suffered a stress fracture in my right foot, so I won't be going on walks this week. I'm going to shoot for 4 floor work outs (pilates and yoga) this week, in an attempt to avoid irritating my swollen and bruised foot. 

Weigh In-
So, I was pretty disappointed to get on the scale this morning and see 281.6. That is a 2.2 pound gain in the last week. Yikes. It did make me glad that this is the week to report my measurements. I saw some losses there.

                3/4/13     4/3/13   Lost
Neck             14.75      14.5    0.5
Bust             51.75       51     0.75
Chest            41.75      41.5    0.25
Waist            44.25       44     0.25
Midway           56.5        55     1.5
Hips(under pooch)50.5        51    +0.5
Upper Thigh      29.5       29.5    ---
Above Knee       24.5       24.5    ---
Calf             18.5       18.5    ---
Upper Arm         20         20     ---
Forearm          11.75      11.75   ---

I'm still in the same clothing size clothing. I also forgot to have my partner take my picture this morning. I will come back and add the photo later.    

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