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Friday, April 1, 2011

Ah... The power of the clean slate!

Hello World!

I'm the Green Eyed Girl and I'm out to change the world... one little bity choice at a time. I know we can do it! I know a lot of people would love to in theory but then they forget to make little changes. So here, on this blog I would love to share a few small ideas that will help you change your life and your world for the better with just a little bit of effort or a little extra thought.

Some people may even be overwhelmed by the idea of having to "Go Green." It might be expensive. It might be a lot of work. The truth is that if you were to change EVERYTHING you do and the way you do it right now, it would be both of those things. But, what if every person out there made one small change today for the planet such as taking a reusable cup to the coffee shop or switching reusable totes out for plastic bags on their weekly shopping trip. One small change would make a BIG difference! The same goes for our health and wellness. What if you decided today that you would buy organic spinach instead of regular tonight for your dinner? You would eliminate as many as 48 pesticides from the meal you are sharing with your family. What if you decided to go with a friend or your family for a nice stroll? If you walk at a nice easy pace (really slow for most people but I figured I'd make this easy) for a half an hour today you would burn and average of about 150 calories. It doesn't sound like much does it? The thing I found most amazing about this though is that if you take that same walk five days a week for a year you will burn an average of 10 pounds. Plus, the time spent walkind and chatting with the people you care about will help you stay connected and build deeper relationships. Sound like a good trade off? I think so.

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